The Coney Island Comedy Festival is a Stand Up Comedy competition.  Contestants compete to win it all, the shows consist of Contestants and Professional comedians. One winner takes it all, Brooklyn Style.

The Coney Island Comedy Festival was founded to connect historically diverse community of Coney Island with a wide range of views through the art of laughter. Stand Up Comedy is an unique form of art that exercises freedom of speech just as Coney Island culture where straight and honest talk is delivered with a smile.

Through out the history human innovation has been changing the landmark neighborhood geographically and ethnically to become the community that we know today. Local residential community has been infused with new generations of immigrants for over 100 years. Nothing is more evident of the ethnically diverse culture than the mixture of people that are from different ethnicities, races, religions, social backgrounds, and life experiences. When an assortment of comedy and diverse community come together everybody wins.